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Author: Linda & Bob Kalian
Only $10 including shipping and handling

First Class Forever Postage Stamps only 39 cents each

Min. Order 200 stamps. Free shipping. 
Payment by cash or Paypal only.

Send Paypal payment to:

Send cash payment to: Sam's P.O. Box 1212 Jackson, TN 38302
Phone 731-928-5601

When sending payment with Paypal. Include note with payment, 
the quantity of stamps you need.

When mailing payment, include note with quantity of stamps needed and address you want the stamps sent to.

Print and Mail Services

​1.) 1-800-930-6040
2.) 1-800-511-2009
3.) 1-800-995-1555
4.) 1-866-558-6365
5.) Google "Print and Mail Companies"